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The City of Galesburg established and funds this grant. The purpose of the grant is to provide an incentive for students to graduate from high school and provide an opportunity for post-secondary education to increase the pool of college graduates who can be gainfully employed in Galesburg and the surrounding area. Click the link to learn more.

Walter and Rose Sampson Promise will pay up to 16 credits of tuition per semester, up to a maximum of 64 credits for post-secondary education toward a degree or certificate from Carl Sandburg College. The Walter and Rose Sampson Promise will provide the remainder of tuition after other financial aid, according to an arranged percentage based on the number of years of qualifying attendance. Click the link to learn more

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed online here. Click the link to fill out.

The website of ACT, Inc., producers of the ACT test. The site includes information on the test, as well as information on choosing a college and financial planning.​

The College Board produces the SAT tests. In addition to information on the tests, this site provides a glossary of financial aid terms, lists of resources and information on financial planning for students and parents.​

Illinois Student Assistance Commission

College Illinois is a Section 529 Prepaid Tuition Program run by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. The program is 100% state tax exempt, and will not affect student financial aid awarded by any Illinois state agency. Open to all Illinois residents, and to all non-residents buying for Illinoisans, regardless of income levels.​

This site is sponsored by a coalition of colleges, universities, businesses, and government and community organizations to help make college possible for everyone. The site provides a step-by-step guide for college preparation, choosing the right school, and applying for admission and financial aid. (In English and Spanish.)​

The College Savings Plans Network is an affiliate of the National Association of State Treasurers. Many state governments have created innovative college savings programs for their citizens. This site provides information on college savings programs throughout the nation.​

CollegeNET lets applicants complete, file and pay for admissions applications entirely through the Internet. Over 500 colleges and universities, including Virginia Tech, Ohio State and the University of Washington make their applications available through CollegeNET. CollegeNET also provides a scholarship search service.​

The Student Portal as a comprehensive resource on student financial aid, updated every year by the U.S. Department of Education. The portal provides information on grants, loans and work-study programs available from the federal Student Financial Assistance programs, and how to apply for them.​

The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid. An excellent resource for information on financial aid, from loans and scholarships to military aid, plus a wealth of resources for students, parents and educators.​

A wealth of information on financing college, graduate education and adult education.​

ISAC (Illinois Student Commission Assistance)

Scholarship information for students attending or planning to attend college in Illinois. This site also includes a free online scholarship search which can provide a list of scholarships based on needs and interests.​

The Iowa College Student Aid Commission provides information on such state programs as the Iowa Tuition Grant, the Iowa Vocational-Technical Tuition Grant, the Iowa Grant, the Iowa National Guard Tuition Aid Program, the Iowa Work-Study Program and the State of Iowa Scholarship.​

Resources on Financing education from the information services company Peterson's. brings together consistently organized information about educational opportunities at all levels, and gives individuals the ability to search Peterson's databases, as well as to request more information, apply to a school or program, and interact in other ways with faculty and administrators at educational institutions.​

A free resource page with a database of scholarship information.​

Scholarship Resource Network. The site features private scholarships as well as loan-forgiveness programs.​

The Student Gateway to the U.S. Government.  This site includes government information and services for students planning to go to college or already in college. Includes financial aid information along with a wealth of other government information useful for students.

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